Bulk Email Service

E-mail marketing as a type of direct marketing. In its core, e-mail marketing is about sending a commercial message to a potential or current customer in the form of an e-mail. However, the whole procedure is a bit deeper than that.

At Fingertip Consultants Pvt. Ltd, we know how to create and implement a bulk e-mail campaign. Our digital marketing specialists have years of experience in the field and are always ready to accommodate your needs. E-mail marketing is not just sending mail. It involves sending ads, requesting business partnerships, or soliciting sales and donations. The whole idea of this channel is to build trust, loyalty and brand awareness. E-mail marketing needs contacts to be effective. It can be done by using sold lists, or your current customer database. Enticing your clients to subscribe to your newsletter is essential for a great bulk e-mail service.

Our bulk e-mail service provides our customers with hand-crafted marketing campaigns. We always prepare the content in such a way, that no two campaigns are ever the same. Uniqueness is the best way for your business to stand out from the others. We know this, and we are ready to help you. Acquiring new customers and enhancing the loyalty of your current ones is not an easy task. If you are unsure of how to proceed, our consultants will analyze your situation and will provide you with an excellent plan, fit for your company.

Don't hesitate – contact us and ask us anything! We can help you increase your ROI in an elegant and timely manner.


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