Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS services are an excellent way to interact with your existing customers. The short message is the perfect way to send a message across since it's fast to read and easy to send. A professional bulk SMS campaign is essential if you want your business to reach out to your customers. Fingertip Consultants is a leading web solution provider based in Kolkata, India. We are a fast growing company and one of our specialties is preparing and executing bulk SMS service campaigns. We can help you market various pieces of information to your contacts in an unobtrusive and elegant way. Our specialists have been working in this field for years and know the specifics of bulk SMS campaigns inside-out. We always provide top-notch quality services to our customers at reasonable prices. Tell us what you need and what results you expect. Our consultants will analyze the information, and our marketing team will prepare a custom made campaign for your company. We do not use templates. Every bulk SMS campaign is hand-crafted with the needs of the client in mind. We have a simple goal – to improve your productivity, efficiency, and profits via the provision of our services. A bulk SMS campaign can help you achieve your business goals faster and with more flexibility. We only send marketing and promotional content to opt-in subscribers. We can convince your customers to purchase a bigger package because it would be the cheapest and economically more viable solution to their problem. Get in touch with us by e-mail or phone. Let's discuss what you need and how you can achieve your business targets in a timely manner. Contact us and start improving your ROI!

Easy-to-setup automation

Bulk SMS sending can be scheduled for a particular time and date. You can also set up a gradual sending of SMS over particular time frames.

Personalized SMS

Add the recipient's name and other personal data to each SMS: your name or company's name, date of birth, discount code, and other.

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