E-commerce solution

Every e-commerce business is unique in its own way. You need to emphasize on your strengths to be successful. Technology is advancing at an incredibly high speed. You want to stay on top of your competitors.We can help you achieve your goals. Whether you're selling services, products, or digital downloads, you need efficient e-commerce software to back your company up. Fingertip Consultants Pvt. Ltd offers highly customized, high-performance e-commerce solutions to businesses worldwide. We always keep our knowledge and expertise current through constant research and reviews. You only need to let us know what your business needs and what your expectations are. We will take it from there and pick the right solution for you.Our Kolkata, India based e-commerce solutions will cover the whole aspect of the web development strategy we devise. Our e-commerce websites are visually appealing and always emphasize on user experience. As website speed is one of the main factors for being successful with online trading, we always apply standardized code to ensure faster loading times. What happens if you want to continue on your own? We have already designed and developed an administrator panel for easier product management. Everything can be achieved by you, even if you have no specific knowledge of e-commerce software. We will continue to support our product as long as our contract is ongoing.With reliable project management and staff expertise, we can deliver the perfect e-commerce solution for you, always on time. We understand the security of the way your website handles payments is your number one priority. Your website will be developed using the latest trends in cyber security.

Total Integration

The days of manually entering inventory changes and accounting updates are history. FTP can integrate your eCommerce solution with your warehouse management, your accounting systems, shippers and payment services.

Data Analytics

With the data you'll get from FTP eCommerce solution, you'll know your customers better. Know what commodities people look at (though don't buy), which ones inspire them to purchase more, what products have periodically appeal, and so much more.

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