Mobile application

The mobile technologies have grown immensely in the near past. Enterprises of any size – small, medium and big – understand the importance of mobile device presence. It's crucial to provide high quality, fast and innovative services to your customer base. People are leading active lives and become more and more dependent on their mobile devices for receiving information.

If you are in need of a mobile app development company or simply want to learn what you can gain by hiring one – we are here for you. Fingertip Consultants Pvt. Ltd is an India-based company in the city of Kolkata. We employ many talented mobile app development experts. They are proficient with the most widely used platforms, including iOS and Android.

Mobile applications introduce us to many benefits:

– Instant availability and access;
– Compatibility and integration with existent information systems;
– Real-time integration with a number of automated devices – like GPS systems;
– Ease of maneuverability;
– Friendly user interface;
– Media support – pictures, video, sounds.

Android and iOS app development is on the rise, because of people embracing the mobile applications as a fast way to reach their goals. Flexibility is what makes mobile applications so sought-after. They can be used for text messaging, networking, rating and registration systems, mobile marketing, statistics, monitoring and much more. What does that mean for your business? As a mobile app development company, we know that an app can become a primary revenue generating tool. You can increase your income by serving premium and paid content directly to your customers' mobile devices.

Contact us and share your vision with us! We will let you know how we can help you and will handle the whole process ourselves – from the strategy to the actual implementation of your mobile app.


We follow your vision. We listen to your requests and proactively act to benefit your company. Nothing is impossible for us. We know how to improve customer experience and bring more success to your business. Our multi-step, approval driven process guarantees your total satisfaction with the end product.